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Why Worry When You can Extend your Phone Battery Using these Tips

It is possible that due to the nature of your work, you spend much time on your phone or it is impossible to recharge your phone as frequently as you usually do. Your phone battery could run out of power within a few hours of operation, especially when you are running power-intensive applications. You don’t have to worry when such happens, read more now to discover more how you can extend your phone’s battery life.

The first thing on the list that you should do right now is to disable the location services of your phone. Many applications consume much power when they always ask to receive your phone’s location. This causes the GPS t regularly run on your phone. You will extend your battery life by disabling location services from the phone settings menu.

To extend your battery power, disable the Bluetooth feature right now! A Bluetooth feature causes your phone to always search for available signals to connect to. Every time that your Bluetooth feature is not in use for transfer of files, please switch it off and your battery life will be extended. From your settings, you need to go to Bluetooth then disable the function. To read more about how Bluetooth feature works on your phone, visit this company, its website has more info about how Bluetooth works.

Thirdly, please ensure that the setting, “background app refresh” is disabled. Your battery gets fast depleted by apps that constantly refresh in the background even when you are not using the applications. You can follow the step by step instructions given in this post to know how to disable the setting.

One of the highest battery power consumers on your phone is the light brightness. From the settings, you can reduce the brightness level and enjoy your prolonged battery. Keeping your software updated prolong your phone’s battery life because some latest software versions consume tiny amounts of power.

Reducing the auto-lock time on your phone helps to significantly lower the amount of power consumption and increase your battery life. When your phone stays inactive for a specified amount of time, the phone automatically locks its screen. Reduction of the time that elapses while your phone is sluggish before it closes, reduces the amount of power used over that period.