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The Top Three Must-Watch TV Series For Every Woman Today

If you are like most ladies today, chances are you have nothing to look forward to on your TV watchlist with no shows to catch your fancy or meet your expectations as a modern woman. Here is some good news in form of a list of the top-rated TV shows every modern woman is watching today. You can bet the list on here will catch your fancy and ensure you have something to keep the conversation going with your girlfriends. If you are like most women today, most certainly you will get addicted to these women series that are taking the female world by storm.

Top on your list should be the highly rated 90-Day romance TV show that will definitely change your outlook on foreign romance. Be sure to find out the true meaning of US immigration laws and understand whether or not the love birds married because of true love or convenience. There are family interventions, crazy dowry requirements, sketchy pasts and age gaps that are sure to raise eyebrows. By the end of this TV series, no doubt you will thank God for the little drama in your life.

No list on any entertainment website with info of top female TV programs to watch today should be complete without the mention of Grace and Frankie. But what do you expect really when celebrated actresses Jane Fonda and the ever beautiful Lily Tomlin come together? Frankie comes out as a free-spirited, go-getter and experimental painter while Grace is the uptight WASP. Like most women today, Grace and Frankie are public enemies until the day they discover their husbands are partners keeping their relationship a secret. No doubt this is an incredible series that is worth every minute of your time as has been described in every top-rated website today.

Last but not least you had better get yourself a dose of Insecure thanks to the amazing and talented Issa Rae. There is a reason why every entertainment website today features Insecure as the leading best TV show to watch out for. When you want to have an honest anti-stereotype perspective of the modern woman, look no further beyond Insecure. Follow the leads of the show as they navigate through modern day dating, careers and the many social issues that black women face in the world today. While at it, you will definitely fall in love with the costume and the fashion trends featured on Insecure.

You can bet these TV shows will give you something to talk about with your girlfriends as you navigate the entertainment world and binge-watch.